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Dynamic visiting SANY

In May 12, 2017, with the chairman of the board of Dynamic group Mr. Liu Wudong, Dynamic group companies, dynamic, dymer, and mengyake clinic’ leaders visited Liu Dong CEIBS alumni’s enterprise SANY --- Kunshan industrial park. SANY, as a domestic benchmark for the construction of heavy manufacturing enterprises, since its inception in early 90s, has been through breaking the traditional Chinese "technical phobia", adhere to the rapid rise of independent innovation. And this visit also brings new inspiration to the Dynamic people, and the successful production management concept is grafted into the dental enterprise.


Mr. Yu Hongfu, chairman of the SANY and vice president Deng Jinghui, Mr. Fuda Koji, director of research and development of painting Qi Xiangan Professor, vice president of the union of Ms. Hua Ping's warm welcomed Dynamic;s visiting and reception and in-depth talks, both sides know history and detailed production, technology, management experience of success and sharing issues related to the exchange.



Subsequently, with the guide of Ms Hua Ping, Dynamic visited the superior office environment and perfect living and leisure areas, including golf courses, staff leisure area.



SANY has the one and only the garden type factory in the industry, traditional heavy manufacturing industry added a lush fresh feeling, excellent working environment, management 6S, to create the domestic first-class five star production benchmark


SANY mission - quality change the world, with this conviction, after 20 years of up and down and turmoil in the domestic industry overlord, not only affects the Dynamic, the manufacturing enterprises should also be adhering to the concept. The slogan "quality and quality control" can be seen everywhere in the company. It is the dignity and life of a manufacturing enterprise. In the future, both sides will communicate more and more deeply, and do “made in china” bigger and stronger together

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