During the epidemic, dentists need DS1000 extraoral suction machine

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There are risks of infecting in oral treatment.

Someone in Neiqiu County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, who was diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia on February 7, became ill on January 18, concealed his medical history, and lost the best chance of treatment. Finally, New Coronary Pneumonia caused multiple organ failure and the rescue was invalid in February He died around 8pm on the 8th. This patient had a visit to Wei Shaodong Dental Clinic, Tianyi City, Qiaodong District on January 18. On January 31, due to asthma, he was hospitalized in Neiqiu County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. As a result, 77 close contacts, including medical personnel, were isolated.

On February 16th, the relevant person in charge of Huazhong University of Science and Technology confirmed that Academician Duan Zhengcheng was infected with a new crown while seeing teeth at Tongji Hospital on January 22nd. Eventually, due to the rapid deterioration of the condition, the rescue failed at 19:35 on February 15 and died in the hospital.

Time and time again, real cases have revealed that the work of the stomatologist is dangerous. Although the current domestic epidemic situation is flattening, the imported and non-infected patients are still a "time bomb" lurking in the unknown environment. Both droplets and aerosols are possible. Carrying microorganisms causes pollution in the hospital and poses a potential threat to the health of clinical medical staff and patients. Therefore, the stomatologists who insist on the job must take protective measures!

Aerosol transmission is harmful, and medical protection must be in place

For oral diseases, whether it is acute or chronic pulpitis, acute and chronic periapical periodontitis, periodontitis, dental implantation, tooth preparation or minimally invasive tooth extraction, the main tools of oral treatment are high-speed "mobile phones" or ultrasonic dental scalers. Whether it is tooth pulping treatment, tooth cleaning, tooth preparation or high-speed drilling and splitting, a large amount of water mist aerosols will be generated during the process of high-speed mobile phone rotation. Especially the faces of doctors and patients are not far away, generally about 20-50 centimeters, mobile phones rotating at high speed produce aerosols mixed with bacteria and viruses, and the pollution range in the open oral clinic area can reach 8 meters, which is easy to cause the spread of bacteria To increase the risk of infection in healthy people.


Knowing the transmission route of the virus in oral diagnosis and treatment, how to effectively prevent and control and avoid the cross infection of patients in oral diagnosis and treatment? Dental clinics have very close contact between doctors and patients, and involve the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract. During operation, patients' saliva, blood and other secretions are spread by a dental power device. During the epidemic, it may lead to the spread of the virus. Prevent and control measures, upgrade hospital management, maximize the safety of medical staff, and protect the diagnosis and treatment of patients as much as possible.


One person, one consultation room and one disinfection

Keeping the air in the clinic clean and safe is an important measure to ensure the health and safety of doctors and patients. Therefore, during the epidemic, the dentist even needed a DS1000 oral suction machine!

Dynamic DS1000 oral suction machine is a true aerosol nemesis. It is carefully developed by the technical team of Jiangsu Dynamic Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and is tailored for dental clinics and medical staff. With outstanding performance, it escorts the health care of patients and patients. !


Incidents involving new coronary pneumonia are very sensitive and every medical staff must take it seriously. Don't cause a catastrophic event that cannot be repeated because of negligence. Any detail may become unbearable for the hospital.

End the droplets and aerosols in the consultation room, take the responsibility of protecting the health and safety of the oral health care personnel and patients, and let the dentist return to work with peace of mind, so that the patients can worry-free visit! Dynamic DS1000 mouth suction machine, you deserve it!

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