Under the epidemic, the doctor's protection is still short of a Dynamic DS1000 external dental suction

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Voice from the crowd: I want to check my teeth!

With the joint efforts of the people across the country, the domestic prevention and control situation continues to improve. Stomatology clinics in various places have gradually resumed business. The most happy ones are undoubtedly the majority of dental patients. On Sina Weibo's topic # Epidemiology, what do you most want to do ?, the voice of patients who want to see a dentist for the first time is very high.

Stomatology clinics in many areas have resumed business gradually under the premise of taking strict protective measures, and they have been able to meet everyone's dental needs. Kunshan Mengyake Dental Stomatology is one of them. Be ready.

Under the epidemic, full but anxious dentists

In the long epidemic, most medical workers across the country are struggling on the front line, but dentists have to stay at home because of the particularity of the dental industry. Dr. Wang of Kunshan Meng Yake Dental stated that during a long holiday of more than two months, he charged patients with cloud control, repair, orthodontics, periodontal and other online lessons while giving patients cloud dentistry, cloud consultation, cloud appease.

Dr. Wang told the editor that he has not had such a long "blank period" since his practice. The resumption of work has been repeatedly delayed due to the epidemic situation, making him gradually feel the pressure on the family's economy. Afterwards, I was worried about the prevention and control in the hospital. After all, the new coronavirus can be transmitted through aerosols, and the high-speed mobile phones used in oral treatment will produce a lot of water mist and aerosols during the rotation process, which will cause clinical health personnel and patient health. potential threat.

A 360 for dentist protection

Before resuming work, the outpatient department organized employees to study the internal "Handbook of Pneumonia Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infection". From the protection principles, element interpretation, pre-testing and triage process, disinfection and isolation, emergency plans and other aspects of finishing and training, in the dental diagnosis and treatment process, not only emphasize the protection measures for patients, but also pay attention to the personal protection of doctors.


Masks, disposable working caps, goggles, protective clothing, gloves, shoe covers, while arming medical staff from head to toe, the outpatient department also purchased a batch of sensing materials to purify the air in the clinic, including Sol Terminator-Dynamic DS1000 external dental suction.


Dynamic DS1000 external dental suction superior performance guards the health and safety of doctors and patients

· Multi-section universal aluminum alloy suction arm can be flexibly and quickly adjusted to any suction position

· Transparent diamond-shaped suction hood designed for oral cavity

· With the help of a large air volume and high wind speed suction pump, it absorbs most of the splashes generated during treatment

· Triple efficient filter element, double elimination of plasma ultraviolet

· Small size, 38% less area than similar products, both practical and beautiful


The Dynamic DS1000 external dental suction can combine the aerosol generated by Dr. Wang with a three-use gun and high and low-speed mobile phone sprays during the treatment process with the saliva, blood, stones and other bacteria in the patient's mouth. The external dental suction is pumped and purified to prevent cross-infection between the doctor and the patient, thereby providing a clean and dry environment for oral treatment.


Dr. Wang said that since returning to work, he has been using the Dynamic DS1000 external dental suction in the clinic. Since this clinic artifact, the risk of cross-infection in the clinic has been greatly reduced. Working every day is like taking a heart pill, no longer scared by the new coronavirus, and it will not be blocked by droplets when used. Customers also report that the experience is very good. During the treatment, there is not so much aerosol splash on the face, and it feels more comfortable than before.

External defense input, internal defense rebound, epidemic prevention and control can not be relaxed. The orderly resumption of work in the dental industry is inseparable from the security of sensory control measures. To end the droplets and aerosols in the consultation room, it is our responsibility to protect the health and safety of the dental staff and patients. Allow the dentist to return to work with peace of mind, and the patient can go to the doctor without worry! Dynamic DS1000 oral spray protection instrument, you deserve it!

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