Containers loading and delivery for Dynamic extra dental suction

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On April 29, you would see a busy scene in Dynamic Medical Company, logistics workers stepped up loading. A series of transport vehicles that had undergone strict epidemic prevention and disinfection, loaded with hundreds of Dynamic DS1000 external dental suction machines, slowly exited the gate and drove to the port warehouse. This is another batch of products shipped overseas after safe and orderly resumption of work. In the next week, more Dynamic DS1000 external dental suction units will be shipped to Asian, EU and American countries. The expedited production and delivery of orders also marked the full resumption of Dynamic Group. 


In 2020, Dynamic infection control products are welcoming and continuously receive international orders, but due to the epidemic, we faced delivery challenges. Since the resumption on February 17, Dynamic has been focusing on both epidemic prevention and productions. Under the premise of comprehensive anti-epidemic measures, the production lines are operating efficiently and all employees are dedicated to catching orders. "Although the start is difficult, but we face it calmly and are confident to break through the dilemma together," said the head of the Dynamic Medical Product Center. In face of the impact of the epidemic, Dynamic Medical adjusted the production plan as soon as possible, counted the data of the return workers on duty every day, followed up and coordinated the supplier's resumption of work, urgently adjusted the supplier's production and subsequent material supply, and enabled collaborative R&D of technical replacement solutions to fully meet production needs. 



In response to the problems of aerosol contamination in oral clinics and the possibility of cross-infection between doctors and patients, Dynamic Dental Products Team firstly researched and developed DS1000 oral aerosol suction machine, which is a true aerosol terminator. With the help of a large air volume and high wind speed suction pump, the universal aspirating arm sucks in the aerosol between doctors and patients and thoroughly purifies and discharges it. Let the medical staff return to work safely, and the patient can go to the doctor with peace of mind. The powerful suction function and excellent purification performance have successfully made the Dynamic extraoral suction machine stand out among similar products in the market, triggering an upsurge in orders.

At the same time, according to the specific conditions of transportation in various regions, Dynamic actively coordinates with relevant departments to open up every link of logistics and transportation, and provides special support to some dealers and dental clinics that have inconvenient transportation or are blocked due to sudden epidemics to ensure their normal Operation. The rapid action of Dynamic has won the trust and support of majority of distributors and dental clinics. It is the efficiency and efforts of Dynamic that have led to new orders.


"Under the epidemic, active communication with customers, long-term trust and cooperation and brand loyalty are very precious. This time, we have expedited processing of several foreign orders, and customers have fully affirmed our efficiency guarantee. The most impressive thing this time is that the company's global localized operations have withstood the epidemic situation and become an important source of customer support and understanding for us, so that the impact of the epidemic can be generally controlled. "Said the overseas marketing director of Dynamic. In May, there will be more DS1000 oral aerosol suction machines to be delivered, which will be sent to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Delta Medical believes that with the joint efforts of all parties, rushing time and progress will definitely minimize the impact of the epidemic.


In the next step, under the premise of adequate epidemic prevention and control, Dynamic will firmly promote the enterprise's "high-quality coordinated development" plan, continue to reform and develop, continue to tap internal potential, and strengthen the research and development and continuous improvement of intelligent core technologies Flexible manufacturing level, increase the development of both domestic and international markets, with a proven technology innovation engine and localized efficient service response capabilities, as always provide high-quality products and service guarantees to customers around the world to meet new growth points!

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