To assist in the safe resumption of oral clinics, Dynamic extraoral suction machine is incumbent!

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A sudden outbreak affects everyone's heart all the time. People across the country and even the world are suffering from the impact and impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. The epidemic situation has slowed down, and dental clinics around the country have begun to resume work and follow up.

However, the oral industry is special. Under the environment of combating the new coronavirus epidemic, how to ensure that the air quality of the oral medical environment meets the standard, and controlling the iatrogenic cross-infection of oral medicine has become a top priority.

Dynamic extraoral suction machine, a safety guardian who cares for patients

Dynamic medical research and development team has carefully developed an oral suction machine for the dental clinic to escort the health care of patients and patients. With the help of a large air volume and high wind speed suction pump, the aerosol between the doctor and patient is sucked into the machine through the universal suction arm, and it is thoroughly purified and discharged.


 true aerosol terminator, the DS1000 oral suction machine completely blocks the aerosol transmission in the air, removes all water mist and splashes outside the mouth, and performs filtering and disinfection. On the one hand, it helps to purify the clinic environment and maximize Protects the safety of medical staff, on the other hand, for patients, it reduces secondary pollution, reduces aerosol splash during treatment, and makes the experience more comfortable.


Aerosol Terminator goes online, panic buying booms

The powerful suction function and excellent purification performance have successfully made Dai Luo extraoral suction machine stand out among similar products in the market. Once the product is launched, it has received unanimous praise from countless patients and medical care!

At present, Dai Luo has reached cooperation with more than ten dental clinics including Beijing Tianzuoheng Stomatological Hospital, Hefei Tongren Rehabilitation Hospital, Dental Disease Prevention Center of Meilie District, Sanming City, and Jiangli Dental Clinic. The deployment of a Dylan extraoral suction machine in each clinic has become a key measure in the safe and orderly recovery process of these dental clinics!


The person in charge of Beijing Tian Zuoheng Stomatological Hospital said that due to the stricter control of epidemic prevention in Beijing, the hospital has not yet officially opened the clinic. However, I have been in contact with similar anti-killing products in Japan before. After careful inspection, I was very confident about the quality and efficacy of the Dailo oral suction machine.

The Jiangli Dental Clinic was resumed in mid-March. Although it was small in scale, there were only 4 dental chairs in the hospital. Safe and orderly clinic environment. At present, the user experience is good and customer feedback is very good. The person in charge said that he is considering additional purchases.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The epidemic situation is a challenge to the oral industry. With all the epidemic prevention equipment, safe resumption of work is an important bargaining chip for the new year! The Dailo DS1000 oral suction machine terminates the droplets and aerosols in the consultation room, and it is our responsibility to protect the health and safety of dental medical staff and patients. Let the dentist return to work with peace of mind, and the patient can go to the doctor with peace of mind!


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