New Launch Extra-oral Suction System DS3000

Comprehensive Upgrades Safer to use and smarter to operate

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Dynamic Extraoral dental Suction system unit,  against COVID-19, exclusive for Dental surgery, better infection control, better protection to dentists, assistants and patients.

Video introduction:

Comprehensive Upgrades

Safer to use and smarter to operate

Hand sensor switch (Non-touch control): Special design, non-contact switch, doctors can turn on and off the machine without touching it.

A strong brushless motor, which has a double service life than comparable units, strong suction vacuum pressure and large flow rate, lower running sound

Low noise: With special designed cabinet and silencer in the suction tube, brushless motor, DS3000 performs excellent in noise reduction.

Comprehensive upgraded sterilization devices: Although the DS1000 has a scientific design of sterilization and filter combination and passed air sterilization test, we still improved this part. 8000V plasma+ customized LED-UVC+HEPA 14+ water vaporization filter that includes advantages such as the filter efficiency, maintenance cost.  

Multi-function control panel, digital screen control0-99 level precise speed regulation, digitized monitoring system display the working time of the HEPA filter, UV, Plasma. 


Noise Control: As low as 53dB, 60dB for normal use

Ultra-Plasma & LED-UVC: 8000V large plasma, maximum the sterilization area and efficiency

Sensor Control: Without touching the machine, you can turn it on and off

Drain CollectorDesign for worry-free maintenance, the inside cabinet becomes cleaner

HEPA14 Filter: stops virus and bacteria -> 0.3 microns with a 99.995% efficiency.


Usage Notice:

A. Please open the right door for repair/maintenance

B. It is recommended to open the vacuum set’s cover every 5-7days to clean up the water in the water collector and rinse the filter with clean water

C. It is recommended to open the plasma/filter’s cover every three months to clean the plasma and HEPA.

D. After using for each patient, please use the spray bottle containing disinfectant to spray the suction port 2-3 times for disinfection when the machine is running.

E. Silencers are installed in the suction arms of the first and second sections from the suction end. The recommended replacement period is three months, while cleaning the inside of the suction arm

* The above components can be properly shortened the cleaning and replacement cycle according to the increase in the use frequency of the machine. For details, please refer to the instruction manual


Model:DS3000 Extraoral Suction System

Voltage/Frequency:AC220-240/50HZ (See machine nameplate)


Noise: ≤60dB

Suction rate/wind pressure :3000L/min(-5Kpa|)

Max Suction pressure:-20Kpa

Dimensions:325*325*875mm(without the suction tube)

Suction Tube Length:1570mm

Filter level:HEPA14 Filter efficiency :≥99.995%

LED-UVC Light power :1W

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