Dynair Air Compressor

Pure oil-free: pure oil-free design, the output gas does not contain oil molecules, no harm to the human body Ultra-quiet: low noise, stable output air pressure without fluctuation, reducing noise pollution Multi-stage filtration: multi-stage gas filtration, cleaner, pure, extended equipment Anti-corrosion within the service life of the gas: The gas tank is finished by internal spraying to prevent the air from being polluted by rust. Safe to use: If the voltage and current cause the machine to overheat, it will automatically shut down to protect it from burning out. Automatic start: intermittent use, no machine switch Adjustable air pressure after restart: The air pressure can be adjusted to meet the needs of different equipments. Durable and durable: use according to regulations, use time exceeds 1500 hours

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Dynair silent oil-free air compressor

Oil free design, the output gas don't contains oil molecules, no harm to human 

Low noise, stable output pressure without fluctuation, reduce noise pollution

Gas multistage filtration, more clean, pure, prolong the service life of the instrument

Gas tank through internal spray finishing, to avoid air pollution by rust

If the machine overheats due to voltage and current, it will be shut down automatically to protect it from burning out

Intermittent use, the machine switch does not need to restart

Air pressure adjustable, can meet the needs of different equipment

Use time over 15,000 hours 

No need to add lubricating oil, easy maintenance

Applicable industries: food fermentation, life science, biotechnology, analytical instruments, measuring instruments, water treatment, laboratory, environmental monitoring, automation, coating surface treatment, beauty, clothing manufacturing, shoes, petrochemical industry, stage background, automobile braking and other industries




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