Central Air System

Centralized air supply system Adopt all oil-free mute piston compressor, intelligent and digital control system, reasonably distribute the host machine to work in balance and prolong the service life of the machine; equipped with high-precision filter and high-performance drying equipment to ensure good air source quality. * Small size, powerful and stable power, provide clean air source * High efficiency, direct gas supply, no need for degreasing equipment, reduce extra energy consumption Design, complete service, personalized service

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Dynamic Central air system

Dynamic Central air system adopt the oil—free piston type air motor, intelligent, digital control system to make all the motors working regularly to extend service life. It has precision filter and efficient air dryer to provide the clean and dry air for dentistry.




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Dynamic devotes its enthusiasm and energy to the development, production and sales of oil-free air compressor, suction unit and dental infection control products. Our products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions, and have won more than 400 dealers and serve millions of customers.

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