Sewage Treatment

Sewage treatment systemWith the country's emphasis on environmental protection and people's attention to the status quo of the environment, medical sewage in oral clinics and laboratories cont

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Sewage treatment

Nowadays, many countries attach great importance to environmental protection, and people are concerned about the state of environment.However, the medical sewage produced by dental clinics and laboratories containing a large number of pathogenicorganisms adtoxic substances, if without effective treatment, will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment.Therefore, whether medical sewage treatment meets standards is one of important indicators for assessing dental clinics and laboratories. 


High power ozone generator

High concentration ozone disinfection

Sterilization rate as high as 99.99%

Corrosion resistant, 316 stainless steel

With self-flow, self-suction

Compliance with GB18466-2005 standard certification 

(discharge standard of water pollutants for medical institutions)



Ozone disinfection technology

Ozone disinfection, its sterilization mechanism is to destroy and oxidize the cell membranes, cytoplasms, enzyme systems and nucleic acids of microorganisms, thereby rapidly inactivating bacteria and viruses. Ozone uses electrolytic air as a raw material and has a very high killing rate of pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, etc. contained in the sewage of medical institutions. The physical method is used to treat sewage, no need to add drugs, and there will be no phenomenon of excessive chlorine emissions, and no subsequent investment costs will be incurred. The whole set of equipment runs fully automatically, without personnel management and maintenance.

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