Professional Fixed UVSS adopts the most advanced area scanning technology, it isdesigned for places where have high security requirements, like government, military, custom, etc.

» Solution introduction:


The whole solution includes under vehicle scanning system (UVSS), under vehicle video surveillance system, number plate recognition (NPR), driver face recognition, IP CCTV, etc. 

The system is ideal for government, military, custom, hotel and transportation corporation facility requiring security check points for vehicles such as vans,tractor trailers, buses and passenger vehicles, even for trains. 

The core system in the solution, UVSS adopts the world's leading intelligent area scanning camera, to effectively scan and inspect in real time the under carriage of vehicles to search and analyze images for explosive devices,suspicious objects or contraband such as drugs and weapons.


Comparing with the outdated ordinary line scan camera in the traditional system, the system adopts  new generation  intelligent area scan camera technology. 

Support vehicle changing speed while scanning 

---Built in ISP SPEED DETECTOR (ISD), there for no strict requirement for the speed of the vehicle.The image quality will not be affected no matter vehicle changing speed, or even stop and move. 

Vehicle speed up to 60 km/h 

---Based on ultra high frame rate sensor, together with specially designed ASIC like processor, area scan technology makes it possible for UVSS to capture high speed vehicle up to 60 km/h. 


All-in-one camera technology                  

Finish image processing and generate whole under carriage image in camera itself, no need the help of computer.

Analysis speed of vehicle by camera itself, no need additional vehicle speed measurement equipment.

With simple http standard API interface, UVSS can be easily integrated into your own system.

Auto exposure image sensor, automatically adjust brightness, without operator intervention, make the system works well for different height undercarriages, such as vans, tractor trailers, buses and passenger vehicles.


Low contruction and maintenance cost

Supper slim design, as slim as 6 cm, save lot of construction time and cost. 

Modular design, fast maintenance in less than 10 minutes.


 Undercarriage big data, identifies the vehicle's model -----Advanced AI technology algorithm specially developed for undercarriage  analysis. Deep Neural Networks (DNN) technology provede the capabilyty to identifies  the vehicle's model. The self-learning database provedes big-data for car  analytics. 

 Proprietary FOD (Foreign Object Detection) algorithm ----The system  is capable of automatically identifying and highlighting any change or difference between a newly scanned vehicle's undercarriage and the undercarriage of the reference image of the same or similar vehicle without  the intervention of a system operator.



Professional Fixed UVSS adopts the most advanced area scanning technology, it is designed for places where have high security requirements, like government, military, custom, etc.


 Fixed usage

 Color Area Scan technology

 Capture even at speeds up to 60km/h 

 High resolution imaging up to full 4096p

 No limits on the length of a scan

 All-in-one ground camera solution, no need expensive server

 All weather conditions for the harshest environments

 Adopt the advanced intelligent camera, encoding all completed images by camera itself




  • Security Checkpoints

  • Border Control

  • Airports & Seaports

  • Hotels

  • Government Offfice Areas

    Chemical Companies

  • Important Events

  • Temporary Security



Capture Accuracy> 99.9%
Sensor Resolution4096P
Speed Limit0 ~60km/h
Image Resolution≥ 10000 x 4096
Intelligent AnalysisAuto
View Angle of Lens> 170°
Height of Vehicle Chassis50~ 3000mm
White BalanceAuto
Width of Vehicle Chassis≤ 4500mm
Length of Vehicle ChassisNo limit
Imageing Time< 1s
Power SupplyDC24V/150W
System ExtensionNPR & Face Recognition
Foreign Object DetectionOptional
SpeedGigabit Ethernet
Load Bearing Capacity60 Tonnes
Operating Temperature-40~+70
Dimensions1236 x 320 x 105(mm)
Protection levelIP68

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