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Product Description:

The ozone generated by the electrolytic ozone generator in the DO series pipeline disinfection equipment can be dissolved in water and become a powerful bactericide; it can effectively destroy the biofilm and reduce the floating of airborne microorganisms generated in the oral treatment.
There is no chemical residue after ozone sterilization, and it is widely used in ice-making and bottled water industries. After DO series ozone sterilization, it can reach the national drinking water safety standard.


Product Parameters:


model DO-S03
Recommended number of devices 1-3
Host size 350*400*150mm
Body weight 8.0KG
power supply 110-240V  50-6-Hz
power 85W
Inlet pressure 1.5-6bar
Adjustable outlet pressure 1.5-3bar
water flow ≥2L/min


● Simple operation: self-fault monitoring prompt, simple maintenance and low maintenance requirements.
● Excellent performance: The electrolytic ozone generator sterilizes for a long time, and the spectral sterilization destroys the biofilm and avoids the blockage of the pipeline.
● Safe and reliable: no irritation can directly contact the skin, no need to administer medicine to avoid operation errors; no chemical residues, no corrosion to dental instruments, no drug resistance.

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