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Product Description:

This machine is a dental X-ray machine with anti-electric shock, anti-scattering, and combined head. It has the characteristics of simple structure, beautiful appearance, good protective performance, simple operation, easy maintenance, etc. It is ideal X-ray equipment for dental diagnosis. Suitable for dental photography, for clinical diagnosis and research.


Technical Parameter:


Tube voltage 60KV
Tube current 1.5mA
exposure time 0.2~2s   
frequency 25KHz
Tube focus 0.8mm  
Focal skin distance 110mm
Battery 14.8V 6600mAh 
rated power 90VA
net weight 2.0kg 
The output voltage DC16.8V 
Dimensions 160x 160x 150( mm )
charging input voltage AC100V-240±10%
leak radiation 1 meter away ≤0.002MGY/h (national standard 0.25MGY/h)


● Rich scenes: Compatible with any brand of digital sensors; handheld shooting and optional stand remote control shooting
● Excellent performance: LCD screen with large viewing area and high resolution; high-capacity battery requires no external power supply and can shoot for a long time with one charge
● Convenient and efficient: This equipment is a DC high-frequency portable oral X-ray machine, which has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, low dose and high efficiency. Provide convenience for patients without leaving the dental chair, which truly improves the efficiency of treatment

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